La modestie



Oil painting on canvas.

30 x 33 cm | (11.8 x 13 inches)

[stretched This artwork will arrive flat and is ready to hang]

[Shipping included]

ONLY THE PAINTING with the human face IS FOR SALE HERE (you can find the landscape here)

(If you are interested by the diptych, please contact me for a diptych-price)

This painting is part of a new project (“30x33-project”). 
A series of small paintings of the same size (30x33cm) which can be assembled as a diptych (or more).
Each artwork of the "30x33-project" exists alone but can interact with another (or several others) artwork(s) to become part of a “story”. 
While I am creating, I have my own story in mind (each piece inspire me another one or another theme). 
But I really like the idea that each person can invent their own scenario from these paintings.

If you want to buy a diptych (or more), please contact me: I will apply a discount