What is the Study Ticket:

The Study-Ticket allows Sophie to work on a draft proposal for your commissioned work. This Ticket has to be bought after sending photos or videos of the subject(s) to Sophie, and after you have taken contact with her. 

Its deliverable is one (1) montage presenting the rough composition and framing of the future painting. One (1) possible iteration is included.

If the final Painting is ordered the price if the Study-Ticket(s) will be deduced from the Painting price.

What the Study Ticket does not provide:

— An unlimited number of iterations for the draft (you might need to buy one or two more tickets depending on your interaction with Sophie)

— The agreement that your painting will be produced: this is covered by a Signed Agreement which will come after you will accept Sophie's composition proposal. If at the end of the Study Process you do not accept Sophie proposals, no painting will be produced, the draft(s) will be your property and the Study-Ticket(s) will not be refunded.

By buying this Study-Ticket you hereby agree to abide by the terms and conditions specified above.